First practice in Portugal. One hour in 4 minutes. (video)

First practice in Portugal after many months away and intense travels.

Also, first practice after 3 days of break. A much needed break that could be very clearly felt in this practice. Not that I felt stronger (as many times happen after a short break) but instead I felt my body really closed and sore.

Still, feels good to spread my mat on a new place. In this case, a very old/new place.

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Pachimottanasana (sweet variation) pointillism drawing



Just like the mind, made of various points of thought, feeling and sensation to perceive reality, each drawing is a meditative process of a thousand dots, more or less intense, with more or less space between, to create a more or less beautiful interpretation of a whole.




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Having a Bad Mood? 8 Things to Help You Deal With It

bad mood photoNo matter which kind of life you have, even if things seem to be “perfect” in your personal and professional life, or how devoted you are to spiritual practices, it is very likely that one day or another you will experience a bad-mood. And with it comes negative thoughts, unsatisfactory with life, probably fatigue, anger, and perhaps even an argument with a close loved one.

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Good Night Sleep Recipe


The lack of sleep can be one of the most disturbing and stressful hindrances in life and it’s double-edged sword, if you get no sleep you get stressed and if you get stressed you get no sleep…

There are many ways to cook a good night sleep. Here I’m going to give you a simple and delicious recipe that works, even if you’re nervous about cooking that so desired restful night.

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